Reading is a main priority across all of The Kingsmead Schools, for we value the difference this can make to our young people’s lives.

We use a number of strategies and schemes to ensure that each student is given the appropriate support and that a positive culture of reading is constantly being promoted by our staff.

Measuring Students’ Reading Ages

On entry to our school, students will take a number of initial assessments including the NGRT (New Group Reading Test) to determine a reading age baseline to highlight if any intervention is needed. Students will also do an Accelerated Reader Star test to generate a ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) scale to help students select books of the appropriate challenge.

The reading test schedule from then will be as shown below to allow us to monitor and support reading progress throughout the year.

September NGRT
December Star Reader test
March Star Reader Test


In addition, NGRT tests will be used sequentially with intervention groups to measure effectiveness and progress.

Kingsmead Reads

We give students 2 opportunities during the day to read or be read to. This happens before period 1, and before period 4. Students can select books according to their ZPD scales and are supported in choosing the right books for them. Through a system of log books and reward stickers, our focus is on praising positive reading habits and encouraging a genuine love of reading. Kingsmead Read stickers can be awarded in reading times or within lessons and put into their logbooks. When students have reached 5 stickers within a week, their prize escalates to a Kingsmead Chocolate Award.

A mentoring scheme is also being trialled where our KS4 students support the KS2 during the afternoon Kingsmead Reading session.


Kingsmead Keywords

These are lists of key words that will be learned in each of the different subjects. They will change each half term and students will do spelling, definition and sentence level work regularly through the week.


Kingsmead Disciplinary Reading

A subject by subject overview of the importance of reading in each discipline with bespoke strategies that can be used. Clear future pathways will also be mapped showing the links between reading and careers. These will be incorporated into lessons to raise the profile of reading in every subject.


Accelerated Reader

Students will be able to use this programme both in school and from home. The Star Reader reading age test will be completed twice a year and this will allow us to measure our students’ progress and ensure their reading books are of an appropriate challenge.

On completion of a book, students will also be able to complete an online quiz which will check the students’ levels of understanding. Each base has a number of Lenovo Tablets that can be used for quick and easy completion. The programme also allows us to generate data on the amount of reading that is being done and gives indicators of where intervention is needed.


That Reading Thing

This is a specialist reading intervention that has been created especially for adolescents who need phonics style support in their reading. Students who are identified as being 2 years or more below their chronological reading age will be 1-1 support from a trained member of staff.


Flash Academy

This is an online platform based intervention created for students for whom English is not their first language. It can be accessed on the Lenovo tablets and laptops at each site.


KS2 – Little Wandle, Toe by Toe, Accelerated Reader and Big Cat Reading

For our Early Years Reading Programme we use a combination of Little Wandle Phonics, Toe by Toe for reading and then, linked to all, Big Cat reading books. We also have Accelerated Reader at KS2 which supports the books selected in these programmes too.

Reading is at the core of our primary curriculum and establishes the strong reading ethos that is then embedded throughout our programme of learning across all key stages.


Post 16 Destinations

‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’

Dr Seuss