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Alternative Provision Manager's Welcome

Alternative Provision is about making sure every young person gets the education they deserve.

Junction 16 team’s priority is to meet the needs of all young people referred to us in the context of alternative provision, but we also seek to balance that with the needs of the school. We work collaboratively to support the ever-growing pressure to source quality educational provision that will secure best progress and outcomes for each individual.

Alternative providers enhance the educational experience of young people in alternative provision offered across the city. This is evidenced by their above and beyond, flexible approach to education and the clear engagement of the young people they work with. This type of education is changing and demonstrating itself as a positive choice for those children who need it most.

We are committed to ensuring that the quality of alternative provision available for the city continues to grow and develop. Our aims are to provide a high quality service of wrap around support, which enables the best chance of success for young people accessing alternative provision. Whether this be full or part time, we will continue to build and maintain excellent relationships with the young people, schools and providers who work with us.

Vicki Grainger

Alternative Provision Manager

Ofsted’s Inspection of Alternative Provision


Ofsted’s framework for school inspection require inspectors to evaluate how well alternative provision is being used.  Clive Dunn, Her Majesty’s Inspector, explains what will be asked about alternative provision during a school inspection.


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    Alternative provisions are inspected by Ofsted the same as schools. Clive Dunn, Her Majesty’s Inspector, explains how inspectors will ask about alternative provision during an inspection.