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Welcome to Kingsmead 2021/22…

We are so pleased to see our students back in school again, accessing our broad and exciting curriculum. All our sites, both Primary and Secondary are getting into the swing of the new academic year and welcoming new and returning students. We hope you continue to visit this page to catch up on all the things we offer at Kingsmead for students to engage with. Check out our Twitter and Facebook pages to keep up to date on all our latest news. 

National Poetry Day 7 October 2021

Our students across all sites have been engaged in poetry themed activities. It’s a pleasure to be able to celebrate our student’s efforts with a poem written by one of our year 11 students who took inspiration from the poem  ‘Thirteen’ by Caleb Femi.  

A Block

Roll upon my guy

Say yes my guy

Say safe g, what you sayin’

When he gonna bounce?

Say bless bro’

40 mandem rollin’ in ballys

Can’t trust walking down alleys

No one no one no one knows the real me

Just want to be free

Wanna chill and have a good vibe

Walk with mandem, like a tribe

No trust. Keep to myself.

Written by Anonymous, Y11

Caleb Femi grew up on the North Peckham estate in London where Damilola Taylor was murdered in gang violence. In this interview Caleb said: “I…think about the estate that shaped me… Nobody should have to live in fear for their lives on a daily basis… Nobody would choose that.” You can read the whole poem here and see the task set to our students ‘Thirteen’ by Caleb Femi.

Drop Everything And Read!

Reading is one of life’s most essential skills. At The Kingsmead School, we support all our young people with their reading to develop their skills and love of literature. Where pupils are less confident, we have a wide range of interventions to support them in becoming more competent readers. Our ‘Annual Reading Awards’ celebrate the brilliant progress that we capture during the academic year.

Further information will be sent to you shortly about our approaches from the ‘Reading Champion’ at your child’s base. In the meantime, please encourage your son/daughter to visit their school library. Here’s our reading log which we encourage you and your child to use both in and out of school…

Sophie Jepson