Admissions to Kingsmead School

The Kingsmead School has multiple functions as a school. PRU; Special School and Hospital Medical Provision.


We cater for students who have been permanently excluded; placed by the Local Authority through the Secondary Placement Panel through a normal admissions process or actively referred by the students school for Alternative Provision.

Permanent Exclusions and Secondary Placement Panel is operated outside of the school and is a responsibility of the Local Authority. They can be contacted via the following email address- [email protected]

Special School

All students who attend our Special School have an EHCP and have been placed directly through the Local Authority. This can be done by contacting the Local Authority via the following email address- [email protected]

Hospital Medical Provision

Applications are made to Secondary Placement Panel for Hospital Medical Provision ([email protected]). Referrals can be made by schools or health professionals (consultant or above); however, referrals will be only accepted once both parties have agreed that this is appropriate and realistic for the student. Evidence must be provided by the referring health care professional(s) and should be sent on headed paper to [email protected]   

Full Time Alternative Provision

Applications for a full time alternative provision place at Kingsmead can be made by following the referrals process found here. All referrals will be considered at Kingsmead Panel which is held internally every fortnight. Any agreed referral will then be formalised with a signed agreement by both the referrer and Kingsmead School which can be found here

Newton’s Walk

Further information on our admission policy can be found in the policies section of the website, for Newton’s Walk admissions follow the link provided here.