Day 6 Provision

What is Day 6?

Following the permanent exclusion of a child from school, the excluding school is required to provide education to the child for the first five days.

From day 6 this responsibility is held by the Local Authority and The Kingsmead School currently delivers this for secondary aged pupils who reside within Derby City through our SLA. Our Day 6 co-ordinator is Dave Wallace and as a school we work with the young people to ensure continuity of education, supporting them and their family through the exclusion process.

How does the Process Work?

The young person and their parents are invited in on the sixth day for an induction meeting at our Bridge Street base. This involves explaining the exclusion process and how Kingsmead can offer support through, what is, a traumatic time for all involved. The young person remains on Day 6 until the excluding school arrange a Governor’s Disciplinary Meeting (GDM). This should take place with 15 working days of the permanent exclusion. From the GDM the Governors present will decide whether to uphold or overturn the exclusion decision. If the decision is overturned the young person will be reinstated to their school. If the decision is upheld, the young person will remain on Day 6 until the School’s Placement Panel (SPP) decide where they will attend. In some cases this may be a place at Kingsmead, for others it may a quick return to a mainstream setting.

What Support is on Offer?

The young person and their family are supported throughout the process by our Day 6 co-ordinator. He will make the initial contact after the exclusion and guide the family through the induction. We liaise with the Local Authority and keep everyone informed through the exclusion process, through to its conclusion. As a school we are available to answer any questions, queries or issues that may arise.

Day 6 sessions are run at our Bridge Street base. The young person comes into school after the induction meeting and works through a series Initial Assessments in the Core subjects to gauge attainment levels. They will then be taught a bespoke programme based on their ability, curriculum needs and subject interests. We work with the excluding schools to try and ensure a continuity of curriculum.

For further information on Day 6 please contact:

Dave Wallace, Day 6 Coordinator

Kingsmead PRU, Bridge Street, Derby, DE1 3 LB.

Telephone 01332 973830 or 07814579566

Email: [email protected]