What's great about G-Music?

Students are engaged in music performance and composition covering basic theory and techniques that encompass all genres.  Self-expression through instrumental tuition and production, lyric writing and/or creation of the mood of a piece of music, is a key factor in enjoyment and achievement of manageable goals.

Students will be offered a wide range of music qualification units to suit the individual, using well established examining boards that are recognised post 16.  Sessions can be at studios equipped with instruments and music technology to cater for all, from students who are new to music performance through to student who already play instruments or produce music or on a school site.


What Should I Wear?

There is no prescribed uniform for this provision. We ask that students wear comfortable clothing so that they can enjoy the sessions without distraction and that clothing is appropriate is style and length and free of offensive slogans.


What Qualification Can I Achieve?

Post 16 Destinations

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