Year 11 Space Centre Trip

Before the break, some of our Year 11′s from Southgate went on a science trip to the Space Centre! This educational trip was part of the science curriculum, all students who participated behaved impeccably and had an enjoyable day. It was great to see them interacting with the experiments and using the equipment to view the electromagnetic spectrum and how weather systems are affected by the rotation of the Earth.

It was surprising to see the planet Saturn floating in a bath of water! The staff and the students enjoyed the exhilarating ride on the simulator; we were taken on a very bumpy journey to land on one of the moons of Jupiter! After a tasty lunch, we watched a presentation of what it is like to be an astronaut in the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium. The 3D presentation was mesmerising and quite disorientating as we were taken on a journey through space, when we saw how our bodies react to the stress of high gravitational forces and microgravity.

A big thanks to all who helped to make this an out of this world experience!