A Visit to The National Space Centre

On 7th July 2016, we took a group of year 10 pupils from The Firs Education Centre to the National Space Centre in Leicester to enhance their understanding of the GCSE Science Core Curriculum, particularly the Space Science component. The plan was to demonstrate the application of the S.T.E.M. subjects, i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in space travel and exploration.  Pupils engaged in data collection and learnt about the variety of jobs, we could expect to do whilst in space, e.g. scientific research, construction, hairdressing, medical to name a few.

We arrived in good time at the venue and pupils and staff walked through the various galleries of displays about our solar system and beyond, taking note of answers to questions on the worksheets provided by the Space Centre staff. This was an excellent opportunity to develop cross-curricular links between mathematics, English and science.

Some pupils and staff became meteorologists in the ‘Weather Pod’; the recording of which was broadcasted in the venue for all to see and hear and then, it was uploaded onto social media sites. Technology in action!

At our allotted time, we were directed to the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium to view a demonstration of the effect of space travel on the physiology of the astronauts. We were left to ponder whether we would want to be astronauts in the future.

After a well-earned lunch, brave ones amongst us were treated to an exhilarating ride in a space vehicle simulator to one of Jupiter’s moons. Hearts were racing as we were buffeted by the stormy conditions in the vicinity of Jupiter. What a landing!

At the end of the trip, everyone agreed that the trip had been an amazing awe-inspiring experience.

Kaisra Khan (Science teacher)