Engineered Learning



As a BTEC approved centre, we are pleased to be able to accredit our learners with BTEC qualifications in engineering.  Level 1 and Level 2 BTEC certificates and diplomas count towards the school’s performance measures criteria. Engineered Learning specialise in providing BTEC and AIM ‘Accredited Work Experience’, based within a manufacturing workshop.

Students engage in the manufacture of skips and structural steel work for the construction industry. Our vocational engineering training provides learners with valuable steel fabrication and welding engineering skills. These new skills provide a solid foundation from which learners can progress into the many exciting areas of modern engineering.

With an emphasis on team work, many of these skills are transferable into everyday life, from the welding of a friend’s car, to using the measuring and estimating skills to support independent living. Utilising the BTEC and AIM awards each individual will be able to take away nationally recognised qualifications to assist them through their career development.


Name of Accreditation: Pearson Edexcel BTEC or AIM Awards

Qualification Title Awarding Body QAN or Unit Code Level Credits Points GCSE Equivalent
Edexcel BTEC  Level 1 Certificate in Engineering (QCF) Edexcel


501/0305/2 1 13 25 1


Edexcel BTEC  Level 1 Award in Engineering (QCF) Edexcel


500/8859/2 1 7 12.5 0.5
Edexcel BTEC Level 1 Diploma in Engineering (QCF)




500/9859/7 1 37 100 4
AIM Awards Level 1 Certificate in Skills for Employment and Further Learning (QCF) AIM Awards 600/9912/4 1 15 25 1
AIM Awards Level 1 Award in Skills for Employment and Further Learning (QCF) AIM Awards 600/9911/2 1 6 12.5 0.5