Cake Day!

Our second annual Cake Day was held on 21 March at our Southgate Education Centre.

Staff and students worked together in their keyworker groups and spent weeks designing there cake and preparing themselves for the event. Using the Judges criteria, groups had to make sure their cake was colourful, tasty, well presented and had a title. Staff worked hard making cakes at home and getting everything together for the main day.

On the day, groups were given thirty minutes to decorate their cake – some under the upmost secretive conditions!

Each cake was then presented to the judges and groups were prepared to answer any questions the judges had.

Judges were very impressed with the quality and effort that had been put into the cakes. There had been a lot of thought behind each cake and judges felt groups responded very well to the judges questions. Students were very supportive of each other and the whole event went very well.

It was a tough decision but the winners were  Keely Vernon (individual entry) for her Raspberry Cheesecake and Blue Group – Aaron, Richard, Liam, with Taj and Georgia for their  Easter rainbow cake!

Staff from around Kingsmead had also made cakes which were plated, sold and raised £100 for our end of year activity.

We were very grateful for the support offered in this event – there was a lot of cake to be eaten and we feel everyone worked hard on this!  We would like to thank everyone involved for making this day wonderful.

Cake Collage 1

Cake Collage 2