Comic Relief at The Kingsmead School

The Kingsmead School got involved in a variety of awareness and fund raising activities for Comic Relief, recently.

Our Southgate and Wisgreaves staff cooked several jacket potato lunches, with a range of fillings for staff and students to enjoy.

Bridge Street sold red noses, wore red and odd socks, baked and sold cakes made by students in order to raise money and awareness.

At a Boxing session, Derby City Boxing Academy supported students to raise over £60.

The new Fitness Room at the Options Centre was opened to students from throughout the school. Students learnt about the needs of young people in different parts of the world, particularly in Kenya. This is because the school has supported at least 1 member of staff every year through the Derby County programme, to visit a school in Kenya. Staff volunteer at the school during a holiday – they build, teach and support the school. Kingsmead students send letters and emails to students and are always enthusiastic and interested to see what their staff have achieved and how the Kenyan school is doing.

To support both Comic Relief and the Kenyan visit students were encouraged to “reach” Kenya by cycling, rowing, running, scoring goals and points to achieve “Kenyan Air Miles” as well as making donations.

In Maths sessions, students completed the conversions from miles to kilometres, from “goals” to “Kenyan Air Miles”. The students achieved reaching Kenya as a collective effort – one student ran on the treadmill for 25 miles!

In total, the school raised over £250 and just as importantly students enthusiastically took part and recognised the needs of others.

Year 11 Space Centre Trip

Before the break, some of our Year 11′s from Southgate went on a science trip to the Space Centre! This educational trip was part of the science curriculum, all students who participated behaved impeccably and had an enjoyable day. It was great to see them interacting with the experiments and using the equipment to view the electromagnetic spectrum and how weather systems are affected by the rotation of the Earth.

It was surprising to see the planet Saturn floating in a bath of water! The staff and the students enjoyed the exhilarating ride on the simulator; we were taken on a very bumpy journey to land on one of the moons of Jupiter! After a tasty lunch, we watched a presentation of what it is like to be an astronaut in the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium. The 3D presentation was mesmerising and quite disorientating as we were taken on a journey through space, when we saw how our bodies react to the stress of high gravitational forces and microgravity.

A big thanks to all who helped to make this an out of this world experience!


Remembrance Day at Southgate

All students observed a minute’s silence last month, to honour the heroic efforts, achievements and sacrifices that were made in past wars.


Dodgeball Tournament!

Massive congratulations to our Firs base on their triumph at our annual inter-base school dodgeball tournament. They came up against last years winners Bridge Street in a tough final, but eventually ran out winners!

A big well done to all of our students who participated, they showed great effort and teamwork throughout.

Teams entered from our bases included Firs, Southgate, two teams from Wisgreaves Road and also two teams from Bridge Street.

Also, a big thank you to Oxygen Free Jumping for hosting our tournament this year, they were very helpful and accommodating of our school.

A Visit to The National Space Centre

On 7th July 2016, we took a group of year 10 pupils from The Firs Education Centre to the National Space Centre in Leicester to enhance their understanding of the GCSE Science Core Curriculum, particularly the Space Science component. The plan was to demonstrate the application of the S.T.E.M. subjects, i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in space travel and exploration.  Pupils engaged in data collection and learnt about the variety of jobs, we could expect to do whilst in space, e.g. scientific research, construction, hairdressing, medical to name a few.

We arrived in good time at the venue and pupils and staff walked through the various galleries of displays about our solar system and beyond, taking note of answers to questions on the worksheets provided by the Space Centre staff. This was an excellent opportunity to develop cross-curricular links between mathematics, English and science.

Some pupils and staff became meteorologists in the ‘Weather Pod’; the recording of which was broadcasted in the venue for all to see and hear and then, it was uploaded onto social media sites. Technology in action!

At our allotted time, we were directed to the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium to view a demonstration of the effect of space travel on the physiology of the astronauts. We were left to ponder whether we would want to be astronauts in the future.

After a well-earned lunch, brave ones amongst us were treated to an exhilarating ride in a space vehicle simulator to one of Jupiter’s moons. Hearts were racing as we were buffeted by the stormy conditions in the vicinity of Jupiter. What a landing!

At the end of the trip, everyone agreed that the trip had been an amazing awe-inspiring experience.

Kaisra Khan (Science teacher)

Year 11 Celebration Event

The Year 11 Celebration Event is an annual get together for the students, their parents, family and friends to celebrate the achievements the young people made throughout the year. The event was 4.00pm to 6.30pm on Tuesday 14 June, at our Southgate base.

The event was a huge success! There was a buffet spread which was enjoyed by all, a brilliant quiz that was fun and kept everyone entertained, an art and photography exhibition that was absolutely fantastic, as well as speeches and personalised certificates for the students.

It was wonderful to see so many students turn up and enjoy a relaxed, fun and lovely ‘end of year’ event. All staff at the base contributed to make it a huge success and a positive ending to the year.

The photography exhibition showcased a mixture of the year 10 and Year 11 students work from the whole year. The main themes were Architecture, Macro, Transport, Nature, Healthy Eating and Spirituality.

Southgate Celebration Event 16-17

Cake Day!

Our second annual Cake Day was held on 21 March at our Southgate Education Centre.

Staff and students worked together in their keyworker groups and spent weeks designing there cake and preparing themselves for the event. Using the Judges criteria, groups had to make sure their cake was colourful, tasty, well presented and had a title. Staff worked hard making cakes at home and getting everything together for the main day.

On the day, groups were given thirty minutes to decorate their cake – some under the upmost secretive conditions!

Each cake was then presented to the judges and groups were prepared to answer any questions the judges had.

Judges were very impressed with the quality and effort that had been put into the cakes. There had been a lot of thought behind each cake and judges felt groups responded very well to the judges questions. Students were very supportive of each other and the whole event went very well.

It was a tough decision but the winners were  Keely Vernon (individual entry) for her Raspberry Cheesecake and Blue Group – Aaron, Richard, Liam, with Taj and Georgia for their  Easter rainbow cake!

Staff from around Kingsmead had also made cakes which were plated, sold and raised £100 for our end of year activity.

We were very grateful for the support offered in this event – there was a lot of cake to be eaten and we feel everyone worked hard on this!  We would like to thank everyone involved for making this day wonderful.

Cake Collage 1

Cake Collage 2

Provider Options Morning

On Friday 22 April 2016 The Kingsmead School and Junction 16 providers held an options morning for students and staff to find out more about our vocational provision. There were 18 stands for people to visit offering courses such as Public Services, Animal Care, Engineering, Catering, Music, Childcare and Construction.

The purpose of the event was to raise knowledge and understanding of how vocational provision can enhance a student’s timetable by offering accredited courses that lead to positive progression routes, for example college and other post 16 training providers.

There was such a positive, lively feel to the event and it will definitely be valuable in terms of students making an informed decision about their own learning for the next academic year.

Collage 1

Collage 2

Collage 3


Careers Morning

We had a really successful whole school Careers/Mock Interview morning on Friday. Year 11 students from Bridge Street, Firs, Wisgreaves and Southgate all attended. The students did themselves and the school proud. Many of them came in their best clothes, self-conscious, nervous and worried, but with the help of all the staff and interviewers they behaved really well and had several interviews with feedback.


Cloughie’s Groundsman Goes Back to School

Bob Smith, a former head groundsman at Derby County’s Baseball Ground, who prepared the pitch during the Rams’ glory years of the 1970s, recently returned to his former school, our Southgate base, to thank staff for cultivating his love of gardening.

Bob started working at the Baseball Ground in 1967, the same year that managerial duo Peter Taylor and Brian Clough took the helm. On his return to Southgate Bob gave a talk to the students about his career and also took a tour of the building.

Click HERE to see the full story.

B SmithBob Smith, centre, in the late 1960s clearing snow from the pitch. Right: Bob, centre, with Rams players Dave Webb and Roy McFarland.